Monday, June 29, 2009

Washington Wine Country - Day 5

We got up, packed our things and hit the road. We had 3 wineries left to hit before we headed out of town so we got our pallets ready and headed out. The first winery was pretty good. It was a friendly husband-wife-and friend team who were the wine makers. The second winery was in an old school house (left) and had pretty good wines. The last one in town was fantastic and their wines make it to my top favorites.

We stopped in Prosser, WA about 80 miles west of Walla Walla. We went to several wineries and again, found some FANTASTIC wines. One of which was Willow Crest Winery which after tasting their wines, immediately was tied for #1 in my favorite WA Wineries. We ended up buying a mixed case from them. What I love about this winery is that A. their wines are incredible and B. they are affordable. I don't have to spend $50 on one bottle to enjoy their wines. I really appreciate that about them.

The rest of the ride home was beautiful but uneventful. I'm glad to be home, but I would definitely like to go back sometime soon!

I'll leave you with some pics of the drive home:

Wine Bottle Count: 31 + 2 for gifts

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  1. Beautiful scenery!

    Glad you're home and had fun, nice memories esp. when you look at the poster. Still want to see it. Now don't drink all that wine at once,he he he!!!
    Love mom :)