Saturday, June 27, 2009

Washington Wine Country - Day 4

We hit 8 more wineries today! I found THE BEST winery in the entire area
(imo), Five Star Cellars. I was semi familiar with the winery as I bought a bottle of their Cab Sauv a few years ago as a Christmas present for my Dad. Their wines are a bit pricey but every wine I tasted today just knocked my socks off. I would have loved to buy a mixed case but then I'd be poor. :P I did however walk away with a 2007 Malbec.

We had a nice picnic lunch today in a local park with some nice picnic staples from Salumiere Cesario. We sat under a tree and watched about 5 squirrels running from branch to branch. It was such a beautifully warm day with nice cloudless blue skies. We also visited a local coffee roastery. Their coffee's were so unique but very good, so we got two iced americano's and 2 bags of coffee for later. The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging around the pool and going for occasional dips to cool off.

There has been this poster I've been seeing around some of the wineries. It's a collection of a lot of wine labels from the wineries around here. I just LOVE it and have been looking on the internet for it but couldn't find it and no one was selling it... until today when I walked into one of the wineries and there was my poster on the wall with a price tag on it. I snatched up the LAST copy! Special thanks to my Mom and Dad who bought us this poster for our anniversary! :D

For dinner, we opted for healthy. Our bodies have been screaming at us for eating so unhealthy. We went to a local grocery store, got some lettuce, veggies and rotisserie chicken and had a little make shift salad in our suite. It was sooo good to eat veggies again! We spent the rest of the night watching the sunset and falling asleep to the movie Stripes.

We were really tired today and I felt very wonky. I'm not exercising near as much as I usually do and we have been eating wonderful but unhealthy foods. It all caught up to me today. Although I love it so much here, I am looking forward to going home tomorrow to get back on my schedule. And I miss my kitties!

Tomorrow we head to the local farmers market, hit up a few more wineries that we haven't visited yet, and head back home. Can't wait to drive through all that beauty again!

Wine Bottle Count: 15 +1 for a gift


  1. So is the wine bottle count how much you bought or drank? Surly you didn't drink that much...

  2. Can't wait to see the poster!!! You're welcome :) Also can't wait to come out and sample some of those marvelous wines you are bringing back, how fun and what a great memory.

    Enjoy your trip home, the kitties have missed you! Me too!
    Mom :)

  3. bottle count = bottles bringing home :) ps. Anon, I fall for it EVERY TIME! lol.